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Five Books to Make You Want to Travel

0 By Flipboard 24 Sep 2015


Books are there to make you dream and escape the real world. But sometimes, the books just open our eyes to what is out there. And there it is - the travel bug is back. No matter how hard you try to fight it, these books will make you want to hop on a train, plane or fuel up the car and just go.

1. The Middle of Somewhere by Sonja Yoerg
Beautiful landscapes, lakes and mountains of the John Muir Trail in California, and there is Liz, hiking her way through the ups and downs of the trail. More importantly, she learns the one lesson every traveller experiences at some point; perspective requires distance. And being almost alone in the mountains is her way of finding herself. Don't we all need a break to gain balance back in our life? As John Muir himself said: The mountains are calling!
flickr | Rick McCharles

2. Paper Towns by John Green
There is nothing better than a road trip! Fuel up the car, pack the essentials (that includes friends) and off you go. With a place in mind or going wherever the road takes you, it is up to you. 
John Green certainly reminds us of the joys of a good road trip, the unexpected troubles and endless laughter.
flickr | david

3. The Road to Burgundy by Ray Walker
Moving countries - continents even - with no specific plan, close to no preparation, no money and no experience in your new chosen profession is not for everyone. But Ray's account of settling down in Burgundy and becoming the first non-local wine maker in his new home in Burgundy will make you rethink that. With all his hurdles to overcome, he makes you want to embark on a new adventure.
flickr | Salva Barbera

4. Yellow Room by Shelan Rodger
A trip back to your roots is a very special kind travel. After a lifetime of secrets and guilt, it takes a trip to Kenya for Chala to come to terms with her past. After quitting her job in England, she finds herself as a volunteer in a Kenyan orphanage, she gains perspective and for the first time in her life feels she is doing something important.
flickr | greg westfall

5. Lonely Planet's You only live once: a lifetime of experiences for the explorer in all of us
The ultimate book for any traveller! From adventure travel to day trips and places to visit all around the world, there is something in this book for everyone. The best walks all around the world, the most extreme jumps and climbs, the hidden streets of cities - take your pick for your next adventure. 
flickr | Zach Dischner

There is no way around it; these books will make you want to go travel again. 
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