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Top Places To Eat In The Kenyan Coast

0 By Localbuzz 08 Dec 2015 under Food & Dining

 The long awaited December holidays are just around the corner, I am sure we are all looking forward to some well deserved rest and relaxation. While some will be traveling to visit family and friends, others will be going for holiday trips to unwind and reward themselves for surviving the year.

If you are looking to travel down to the coast this festive season whether for a long stay or a few days visit, then you will need to know the best restaurants to get great meals. We have created a quick list showing just where you should visit whether you will be in Mombasa, South Coast or Lamu. These places are great for dinner or lunch while you’re out and about.



North Coast

The Moorings Floating  Restaurant

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat at the coast-The Moorings Floating Restaurant

Situated on the north coast of Mombasa, this restaurant floats on the Mtwapa creek with a great waterfront setting and a spectacular view. Enjoy fresh local seafood, a landlubber menu with steak, chicken and pasta as well as a pizzeria. You can also choose to dine on the dhow or floating restaurant.


La Griglia Malindi

Map & DirectionsTop places to eat at the Kenyan Coast-La Griglia

Customer Reviews

La Griglia’s menu specializes in Italian cuisine and seafood, and you can find various dishes such as Oysters and Lasagne. It offers a fantastic fusion of Kenyan and Italian cuisines.


Porini Boko Boko, Kikambala

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat at The Kenyan Cost-Porini Boko Boko

This restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or even a family or large group dinner. Here you will find delicious charcoal grilled meats, fish and chicken dishes paired with Seychellois spices.


Tamarind Mombasa

Map & Directions

Customer reviewsop places to eat at The Kenyan Coast-Tamarind Mombasa

Perched on a cliff overlooking the picturesque Old Harbour of Mombasa. Their menu is a blend of the best of French, Asian and African cuisines and they have a sushi bar. Their specialty is seafood with their prawns piri piri, chilli crab and lobster earning them worldwide fame and rave reviews from publications such as Gourmet, the London Times and the New York Herald Tribune.


The Old Man & The Sea, Malindi

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat in the Kenyan Coast-The Old Man and The Sea

With an intimate and romantic, ambiance perfect for date night, the beauty of this spot is the fact that you can actually see the Vasco da Gama pillar through the windows. They specialize in barbequed seafood with various in-house rich sauces. The Malindi smoked sailfish is used in several of the starters and your palate will surely thank you afterwards.

Baby Marrow, Malindi

Map & Directions

Top places to eat at the Kenyan Coast-baby marrowCustomer Reviews

‘Baby Marrow’ refers to Zucchini but that doesn’t mean that their food has Zucchini. On the contrary delicious Italian dishes are prepared here with fabulous chefs specials. Their wine list is also very extensive making it a great place for fine dining.


La Marina Restaurant, Mtwapa

Map & DirectionsTop Places to eat at the Kenyan coast-la marina

Customer Reviews

Famous for its fresh Seafood and Barbeque, the menu at La Marina is designed to satisfy all tastes: Seafood, Oriental, Grilled dishes, Italian dishes, Pizza and more.


South Coast

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat in the Kenyan coast-ali-barbours

The cave is believed to be between 120,000-180,000 years old. The cave has a series of interlinking chambers at depths of up to 10m below ground level. The natural holes in the cave ceiling open showing a breath taking view of the sky which looks even more beautiful at night. The cuisine is international, specializing in seafood.

Forty Thieves Beach Bar

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat at the Kenyan coast-Forty-Thieves-Beach-Bar

Probably the one and only barefoot bar and restaurant in the coast, relax and unwind during your holiday in their relaxing ambiance with the sand in your toes.  Enjoy all activities this festive season from live music, water sports; dancing and dining .


Bahari Dhow at African Oasis Beach & Restaurant

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop Places to eat at the Kenyan coastBahari-Dhow

This is the perfect place if you want a ‘home away from home’ kind of feeling. You get to have your own cook who can prepare your preferred meals for you and you can also enjoy fun activities such as Scuba diving among other water sports in the expansive coat line

Leornardo’s Restaurant

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat at the Kenyan coast-Leonardos-Restaurant-at-Colliers-Centre

Leonardo´s is your authentic go-to Italian paradise situated at the Collier’s Center about 4 km north from Diani Marine. They offer  Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. They also have a stocked bar which offers wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Fisherman’s Cove

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat in the Kenyan coast-fisherman's cove

If you are an ardent seafood lover then this is your haven. It provides an intimate setting by the beach and provides a wide range of delicious seafood dishes that your will enjoy.

Sails Beach Bar & Restaurant

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat at the Kenyan coast-sails beach bar and restaurant

Sails’ sweeping sails and curving beams offer a stunning and unique piece of architecture on the beach front within Almanara Resort. They have comfortable sofas and lounge beds spread out on deck just beyond the restaurant where you can relax while sipping on your drinking as the sound of the waves in the distance soothes you. They offer fresh seafood, poultry and salad dishes



Peponi Hotel Lamu

Map & Directions

Customer ReviewsTop places to eat at the Kenyan coast-peponi hotel restaurant

If tradition Swahili meals are your favourite then this cosy restaurant in Lamu is where you should go for a rest after that long adventurous safari. The fact that it is tucked away in Lamu makes it perfect for a quiet holidy away from the busy urban areas. You can find fresh seafood, sushi and traditional Swahili dishes here.

Karkadeh Restaurant

Map & Directions

Customer Reviews

At Karkadeh, slow food is the key word. Located in Old Town Lamu, Subira Top places to eat in the Kenyan coast-Karkadeh RestaurantHouse is an eco-friendly hotel hidden behind the walls of a Swahili house. Karkadeh offers a 3-course dinner using locally caught seafood and locally grown vegetables. Guests can elect to hook their own dinner during a sailing trip and enjoy in the courtyard, sitting legs crossed on a carpet on the ground under the stars.


Amandina Medina Palms, Watamu

Map & Directions

Customer Reviews

Inspired by the proximity of the ruins of the ancient city of Gede, the food at Top places to eat at the Kenyan Coast-Medina PalmsAmandina is  Mediterranean, Moroccan and North African. The slow-cooked, earthy stews incorporate delicate flavourings using the finest fresh local seafood and vegetables. Warm spices and tasty sauces accompany the dishes. After dinner, guests can delight in alfresco evenings on the terrace, try the shisha in the star lounge or enjoy creative cocktails under the equatorial sky


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